Shooting movie with your smart phone?
SMART MIKE brings you alive audio in your movie in a click!!!

Smart Mike : Perfectly Record Your Voice

Smart Mike is a really compact but strong recorder. It can reduce the noise from surrounding in real-time. Shooting perfect and noise-free videos with infinite distance of control.

Preserve the Best Voice

Smart Mike’s pioneering approach quiets the noise when you shoot videos on smartphones by using the technology of Ambient Noise Reduction(ANR) and Active Noise Canceling(ANC) . Helping you preserve the best memories.

Stunning Long Distance Recording

Distance is no longer an issue for recording audio when shooting a video. Even if the performer or your children are far from you, you still get the clear sound with the distance up to 20m of recording. With a user-friendly app and remote control, you can have a brand new experience of shooting videos.

The Best Partner of

Smart Mike is really compact but strong. Its weight is only 12g and it is easy to be carried. It will be your best partner whenever you want to shoot a good video to tell a story.

Various Ways of Storytelling

Smart Mike take advantage of the technology of recording audio in multi-soundtracks, with up to 3 tracks in real-time. You can now use various way to tell stories .

Share Your Stories Instantly

By only one click, you can share your story with friends without much effort